Arendsig - Single Vineyard Wines made with minimal interference
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"All of my Single Vineyard blocks are terroir driven"
- Lourens
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"It is important to keep every different clone and grapes from different slopes separate during harvest, as well as in the cellar. It provides more components for the winemaker to experiment with and the opportunity to make a wine with complex flavours."
˜ Lourens van der Westhuizen
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Arendsig Inspirational Grenache Batch 2 2016

Clay, sand stone

Macro climate is Mediterranean. Meso-climate is influenced by everyday South Easter during summer and morning fog in winter with big variations in day/night temperatures.

Location of vineyard: Against Langeberg Mountains, West facing slope, Klaasvoogds East, Robertson wine valley.


Nose: Violets, plums, confected sweet cherry
Fleshy, syrupy texture, elegant
6 months neutral vessels
Cases produced:
1600 x 6

Ph: 3.40 TA: 5.5 Vol: 14.03 %; VSO2: 14 mg/l; TSO2: 58 mg/l; RS: 2.1g/l

CELLAR DOOR PRICE R150.00 per bottle