Arendsig - Single Vineyard Wines made with minimal interference
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"All of my Single Vineyard blocks are terroir driven"
- Lourens
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"It is important to keep every different clone and grapes from different slopes separate during harvest, as well as in the cellar. It provides more components for the winemaker to experiment with and the opportunity to make a wine with complex flavours."
˜ Lourens van der Westhuizen
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Tim Atkin's SA Wine Report - Arendsig

For the past three years though Arendsig was invited to have the wines tasted by UK Wine Critic Tim Atkin for his annual South African Report. It is with great pleasure that we can share the following results with you, which hopefully also assist you in telling the Arendsig story in your market.


ARENDSIG 1000 Vines Viognier 2015 92
ARENDSIG Chardonnay 2015 91
ARENDSIG Shiraz 2014 93
ARENDSIG Inspirational Batch Chenin Blanc 2015 92
ARENDSIG Inspirational Batch Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 89
ARENDSIG Inspirational Batch Grenache 2015 93