Arendsig Single Vineyard Society
Arendsig Single Vineyard Society

I firmly feel that I have reached a point where I would like to go back to the reason I started making wine and the hands-on approach I have always strived towards


This unique opportunity is for people who have discovered and supported my wines throughout the years and especially for those who have arrived at my cellar as strangers and ultimately become great friends. From the outside it might look like another wine club, but the big difference is that Arendsig Handcrafted Wines are not sold in retail around South Africa nor produced in huge volumes to supply mass outlets.

I am also working on projects where I will release very special vintages of wine made from vineyards that I discovered from all over the Cape Winelands and which have inspired me. 'The Inspirational Batch Wines' will have its first release in 2013 and as a member of the Arendsig Single Vineyard Society, you will have FIRST option to get your hands on them. So why join the Arendsig Single Vineyard Society you ask?

  •   • Receive a 10% discount on all purchases direct from the farm
  •   • Receive a 15 % discount on all orders during the month of your birthday – minimum order 12 bottles.
  •   • First access to NEW vintage releases, NEW wines i.e Inspirational Batch Wines
  •   • One weekend in Arendsig cottages (self catering) for 2 people free of charge (no festivals or bank holidays, please book well in advance.

How to become a member?
  •   • Membership will be activated after your first order of 12 bottels.
  •   • You have to purchase a minimum of 48 bottles of Wines yearly
  •   • Like our Arendsig facebook page or if twitter is your preference, follow us on twitter
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